Floristry is not studied, it is learned by looking, feeling and creating; respecting the flower and practicing. Because with passion and talent you can get where you want to go. And we are here to accompany you.


Basic Formation

First Level

Second Level


Continuing Formation

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Basic Formation

This training block is composed of four different courses: Florist Assistant, Florist Official, Workshop Master.

These four courses represent all the basic training for any person who wants to start and develop your professional path as an artisan florist. In other words, it is the minimum and indispensable knowledge to be able to face any type of floral work.

First Level

Within this block we can differentiate 2 levels. The first level is composed of the first two courses: Florist Assistant and Florist Official. In these courses you will be able to acquire the basic knowledge in:

  • History of Floral Art
  • Basic construction techniques. Formal, decorative (symmetrical, asymmetrical and refined), vegetative and linear form.
  • Basic distribution techniques: Symmetry and asymmetry.
  • Basic proportioning techniques
  • Basic color theory
  • Introduction to botany
  • Introduction to the management of a flower shop.

All this applied to all possible types of work (gift compositions, bridal, large events, funeral, decoration, etc.). These are the two essential courses before any type of specialization or development of more specific topics.

Florist Assistant

This course is designed for people who want to learn the florist trade, either to access to work in flower shops and garden centers or because they are already in the sector, and want to acquire the necessary techniques to continue developing their work with more efficiency and knowledge, as well as to strengthen their professional level.

Official Florist

The course is designed to provide the student with the competencies necessary for a position at the floral designer level.

Second Level

El Second Level está formado por los 2 siguientes cursos: Oficial Mayor y Maestro de Taller, que denominaoms Formación Básica Evolucionada. En estos cursos podrás adquirir los conocimientos en:

  • Construction of 1st and 2nd generation structures.
  • Design, management and execution of large projects.
  • Extended color theory.
  • Study and application of architectural, interior design, design and artistic trends and styles, historical and current, applied to floral art.
  • Study of materials for the construction of floral compositions.
  • Botanical Extension.
  • Management and direction of a flower shop.
  • Basic knowledge of photo and video.
  • Basic knowledge of social media management and e-commerce.

Senior Florist Official

If you already have the knowledge of a florist officer and want to go deeper into the world of floral art, this course is for you. Through this course you will be able to develop new techniques and trends that are emerging in floral art, thus improving the offer of your florist shop.

Master Florist Workshop

This course is for those who have already taken the florist senior officer course and want to continue learning new concepts of floral art, acquiring artistic and particular value, and be formed in the management of the company and in the development of floral art projects.

Completing the four courses, you acquire all the necessary knowledge to face any challenge that may arise in a florist's shop. (traditional or electronic commerce) either as a worker or as an owner.

It is important at this point to point out that these courses are consecutiveIn other words, without the knowledge of the Florist Assistant course, the Florist Official course should not be taken, without the knowledge of the Florist Official course, the Senior Officer course should not be taken and without the Senior Officer course, the Workshop Master course should not be taken.

Basic Formation Modalities

We currently offer these courses in the following modalities semi-attendance and Online.

In the modality semi-attendance the student accesses our training platform to carry out all of the formation theoretical part under the supervision of a tutor (asynchronously, without a stipulated timetable, the student connects when he/she can, although the global calendar must be complied with). Once the theoretical part of the course has been passed, the practical classes2 Mondays a month, where the student will do the work in our facilities with the supervision and correction of a teacher in person and in a group of maximum 10 people (currently with the pandemic situation our facilities comply with all regulations to ensure and preserve the safety and health of all students and teachers).

In the modality Onlinethe student completes the entire course in our online fromation platform and asynchronously, with the supervision of a tutor. Through the platform the student will send the theoretical and practical work, which will be corrected by the tutor and the student. you will receive feedback and corrections online. In this mode the student must individually purchase the materials necessary to carry out the practical work..

Continuing Formation

This formation block consists of different courses which we refer to as monographsWe deal with one unit subject for course.

In this type of courses we approach different typologies or topics in each one of them such as: hand bouquets, bridal bouquets, expanded color theory, decoration of large spaces, design of new floral products, window dressing, compositions for Mother's Day, funeral arrangements, etc.

It is important to understand that in these courses we do not emphasize, nor do we develop explanations of basic construction or distribution, since students are assumed to already have basic training in floral art and, therefore, in these courses, trends, fashions or current styles are that the student can evolve their floral compositions.

Depending on the difficulty level of the course, we must take into account the following:

  • Normal difficulty. The student must have knowledge of Florist Assistant or a minimum of 2 years of professional experience.
  • Medium difficulty. The student must have knowledge of Florist Official or a minimum of 5 years of professional experience.
  • High difficulty. The student must have knowledge of Senior Officer or WorkShop Master or a minimum of 5 years of professional experience.

While these levels of difficulty and requirements for formation or experience are not exclusive, but they are a recommendation, so that the student can follow the course adequately and without difficulties.The courses are conducted in groups of a maximum of 15 people and the attention cannot be personalized.

We offer these monographic courses in different ways and modalities.

Monographic courses subsidized via PIMEC

Our school, in collaboration with PIMEC and for workers in the Community of Cataloniawe offer monographic courses on different topics fully subsidizedThe courses are free of charge. To access these courses you must fill in the following form enrollment once registration is open and provide all the required documentation.

Currently and due to the pandemic situation, these courses, which are 24 hours (3 days), are conducted in blended mode with 66% (2 days, asynchronously distributed over 15 days) in our on-line formation platform and the remaining 33% on-site at our facilities, where the practical part is performed with tutoring and correction of the teacher in person (currently with the pandemic situation our facilities meet all regulations to ensure and preserve the safety and health of all students and teachers). In normal situation, these courses are carried out in our facilities in person during the 3 days.

To take these courses it is necessary to provide all the required documentation, a computer or tablet, basic computer skills and have the stipulated knowledge of floral art depending on the level of difficulty of the course, as well as a mandatory 75% attendance.

Private monographic courses

Within our catalog of monographic courses we offer different options of thematic courses where the student will be able to to go deeper into the specific topic of the course: hand bouquets, bridal bouquets, large spaces, etc.

Currently these courses are conducted online, where the student asynchronously with PDFs, videos and interactive content and with the supervision of a tutor, performs the course online and receives feedback and corrections from the tutor-teacher through our training platform.

To take these courses it is necessary to to pay for the course (each course has its price depending on the subject, content, duration, etc. and can be purchased online), a computer or tablet, basic computer skills and have the stipulated knowledge of floral art depending on the level of difficulty of the course. If the student wants to carry out the work in a practical way, he/she will have to buy the floral and technical materials himself/herself..

Wedding bouquets I

Design and elaborate new wedding bouquets using different techniques and materials.

Wedding bouquets II

We use different structures and flowers to create and learn new wedding bouquet designs.

Within this channel, we also organize monographic courses, usually face-to-face, with different masters of international prestige that we advertise on our website in a specific way, where we can see these great masters working different techniques and styles. The price, duration, agenda, modality or other characteristics of the course are created and advertised for each one individually.

Personalized Courses

Our experience in the training of artisan florists (more than 26 years) and with our team of teachers and collaborators, we offer you the possibility of adapting any type of training you need.

Maybe you need basic training, but you want it to be individualized and express, or you need very specific formation on a specific topic..

In this case, you are the boss. Tell us what you need, on what subject, what modality you prefer (face-to-face, blended or online) and we will elaborate a specific didactic plan for your needs, as well as a detailed budget without any obligation. We are at your service.

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